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The Scole Experiment - evidence of Afterlife

In 1993 four psychic researchers and observers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. For five years, more than 500 experiments were carried out. During some of the experiments objects materialized, lights danced, and solid beings appeared. Luminous spheres also flew around the room in apparently intelligent manner. First, they took pictures using a 35mm camera in total darkness. In their second attempt, images were received on 35mm films still in the light proof containers with no cameras used. Messages were also transmitted onto audio-tape. The experiments were repeated in the United States, Ireland and Spain. In the United States scientists from NASA, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the University of Stanford also took part.

the first image is taken from a 35mm camera in a completely dark room, therefore no images should’ve been seen. Although, here we see images showing unmistakable faces, the image of a man’s face is so clear you feel you should recognise him. If you look very closely you can just see other faces in the process of development. It is believed that these faces were images of deceased people which was somehow projected from the other side 

The second image was received on 35mm. Polaroid film still in its light proof container, and no camera was used. It is then developed immediately in a special processing machine. It was viewed and writings and symbols appeared. In this particular film, you could see a Latin statement that says “Reflecting clearly into the Earth and into the planets

The third image was received on a V.H.S.c. video camera. Dr. Hans Schaer was present throughout the experiment and verified the results. Here you can see a man’s face clearly in the bubble. The face was then recognised as that of a man who had died shortly after they met him.

to learn more about this experiment, watch here

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